Nâzım Hikmet Tea Garden:

It took a fair amount of work to find the location of this tea garden, but we finally found it! By this point in your trip, tea time should be a part of your daily routine, or you haven't been doing Turkey right!  This is a great place to get one or two (or three) cups of tea with a friend.  It would also be a fantastic place to read a book. 

Meşhur Dondurmacı Ali Usta - an Ice Cream Shop:

Really good ice cream... do I need to say more? Enjoy

Smoke hookah:

It would be hard to NOT find a place to do this.  Legitimately every restaurant offers hookah.  Sit street-side on a warm evening, observe, and puff.    

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Sit by the water and/or ferry port and people watch

  • Walk around shops
  • Check out the nightlife on Kırtasiyeci Sk
  • Have an authentic gyro with yogurt drink as a meal
  • If you also have a hankering for Italian like we did, enjoy a FANTASTIC meal at Semolina Kafe & Restaurant


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