For months I gave the same exact answer: "We are going all over. We start in western Europe and end in Turkey."   Turkey was our final stop.  Turkey was the book end.  We knew this our entire trip, so arriving in Turkey was.... bittersweet. To combat this, we gave ourselves over 10 days in the country so it wouldn't feel like our trip was coming to an end. People go on entire trips on 10 days! It won't fly by! We still have time! Right?!??

Wrong. As with our entire trip, the 10 days we spent in Turkey flew by... just like the 3 months that have passed since we returned.  Time just needs to... slow down. 

ARRIVING IN TURKEY: Oh god, what a nightmare. I hate thinking back to this. We had so many dreams, so many plans of how we wanted to arrive in Istanbul.  Bus from Bulgaria? Boat from Greece? What will give us the most time here?  What is the cheapest option?  But wait... what will give us the most time there?  

In the end we took a plane from Serbia.  I don't even know how this decision was made.  We were lucky because our flight was cheap.  We flew into Sabiha Gökçen Airport on the Asian side of Istanbul (where most cheap flights go), and took a 2 hour shuttle (rush hour) to the European side.  Whatever you decide to do, just be aware of what airport you are flying into and how you are getting to where you need to be.  This is especially important if you have connecting flights.