Before we left for our trip, I spent a decent amount of time staring at maps of Europe, plotting our trajectory.  Eventually it occurred to me that we would be crossing through a country called "Slovenia."  Slovenia? I had never heard of it... or maybe I had heard of it.... or maybe I am making that up.   I can't remember life pre-Slovenia anymore. 

It took about 2 photos on Google images to convince me that Slovenia was beautiful and underrated. Why had I never heard of this wonderland? Why didn't I know anyone who had been there?  Well, that decided it. We weren't going to just pass through Slovenia. We were going to stop and hang for awhile.

After visiting I can confirm that Slovenia is an untapped fairyland.   It's small, has good transport, is on the Euro (for better or for worse), and gosh darn it, it is BEAUTIFUL. Vamos a la Slovenia, y'all. 

Getting to Slovenia: Easier said than done, I am afraid. We got a ride to Slovenia from Vienna from a friend, but before that was confirmed, we were really confused about what we were going to do.  Plan this far in advance because buses into Slovenia from Austria don't run everyday.  As always, check out rome2rio or google "*whatever city* to Ljubljana bus" and see what comes up.  You could also probably fly

Slovenia guides:

Places in slovenia heard were great and wish we had been able to see:

  • Anywhere in Triglav National Park
  • (including the Soča River Gorge)
  • Postojna Caves

Here is a great guide from The Guardian about what to see in Slovenia. 

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