iPhone SE vs iPhone 5: If you love something.... bring it back? New Iphone SE looks very similar to an old friend

A reformed Apple fanatic lives to queue another day. A classic cracked iPhone rags to riches story. 

My day started at a prompt 7:15am when my android buzzed, beeped, and sang.... all to wake me up.  

First stop: picking up my car in the city before the street switched back to one hour parking at 8am and I got a ticket. Thanks mom!  

Second stop: the cement sidewalk outside of the Apple Store on Walnut Street in Pittsburgh. 

I arrived outside of the store a little after 8:00AM and found it deserted. I was a little confused, but mostly stoked to be first in line. I sat down and started reading Game of Thrones.  It was another hour before any other potential customers showed up.  By the time the doors opened at 10am, there were about 10 people in line. 

It had been a while since I had queued for an Apple product.   June 24, 2010 - the iPhone 4.  My brother and I gotten to the AT&T store an hour before it opened and were 6th in line. The AT&T store actually gave us donuts while we were waiting... but I won't hold that against you, Apple.  Before I continue with this story, it is important that I recount my iPhone history:

  • iPhone (2007)
  • iPhone (2008)
  • iPhone 3G (2009)
  • iPhone 4 (2010)
  • iPhone 4 (2011)
  • iPhone 5 (2012)
  • iPhone 5 (2013)
  • iPhone 5 (2014)
  • iPhone 5c (2015)
  • iPhone 6 (2016)

I used to be a very large Apple fan.  As you can see above, I have bought an iPhone every year since 2007. That is 10 phones. Despite the incredulous price tag attached to every single one of these devices (which I guess I spent 10 times), I have never been able to make one last longer than a year.  Part of this is my fault. I am very clumsy, semi-reckless, and I use my phone a lot.  It is always at-risk for a potential catastrophe.  

But still... 10 phones?  And that is just my PHONE history with Apple.  I could write similar lists for my iPads, iPods and MacBooks... throw in my family members devices? Chargers? Cables? Replacement parts? Woof. I quite literally don't want to know the total. 

As I said, some of this was me, but some of it wasn't.  There has been a shift.  Apple hs steered away from sturdy for the sake of style.  Because of this, the devices have shifted from dependable to disposable. Break, lose, and replace are verbs very familiar with iPhone owners.  The dependability that made me buy the device in the first place is all but gone. 

Because of this, somewhere between 2007 and today, the Apple charm wore off for me. I've stopped loving Apple... and I was one of those crazy fanatics that loved it most! 

What is even worse than all of my sleek Apple products constantly breaking is the new tech support. Apple representatives view "buying a replacement" as the Apple cure-all.  I remember when I used to walk into the Apple store confident that someone was going to do their best to help me, and not just their best to help me spend money. They would sit down with me, listen to my problem, diagnose the issue, and explain the most affordable solution.  If something was their fault, they admitted it! 

For so long I trusted that when Apple had an upgrade, it was because I needed it. For the past two years, I no longer believed this. Buy our phone! When it breaks, buy another! When its cord breaks, buy another! Sync it with all your other Apple devices so it's hard to switch to anything else!  When your other devices break, buy another! Buy the newest! 

Today, however, this all changed.  I waited outside of the Apple store despite my previously mentioned qualms.  When Apple announced the iPhone SE I was excited... because it looked like an old friend, the iPhone 5!  Instead of slimming down, instead of a bigger screen, instead of removing earphone jacks, instead of vain tweaks... Apple had listened!  They produced a device that is highly functional without a priority on appearance. 

The iPhone SE is everything great about the iPhone 5 (of which there was a lot), combined with all of the software advancements made since 2012... which, when counted all at once and not spaced out over several baby updates, are quite a few! Touch ID home button, Apple Pay, 12MP camera, and more! Look at you Apple, taking a step forward by taking one backwards. Please continue down this path before I have to stray off.   

iphone 5 vs iphone se camera comparison 

iphone 5 vs iphone se camera comparison 

Check out my VEDA iPhone SE vs. iPhone 5 video below: