On balancing work and personal creative projects....

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It is funny, because I never call myself a "writer."

And, in the same vain, I've avoided calling my current situation "writer's block," even though it has been plaguing me for months.

I have the ideas. Coming up with the ideas is not the issue. I have lists of ideas. No, literally, I have lists. Lists in my planner. Lists on my computer. I have an entire journal filled with well-organized lists of thing I want to write about. 

So, it isn't a block. To me, writer's block is sitting down, poised to write... and nothing comes out.

That's not my issue.

My issue is thinking I'm "way too busy" to write for myself, and prioritizing everything, and I mean everything (we are talking bout scrubbing my counters) over actually sitting down and writing for myself.

I am completely convinced that I have no time to write.

So what gives?

Partially, I am busy... but, c'mon. Everyone is busy. 

I think I'm just drained. I spend so much time writing for other people. All of my time. Someone else's writing is always waiting. 

I could write from the moment I open I eyes, until the moment I go to sleep (and I often do) and never type a word for myself.

I spend so many hours starting at a laptop. When I have free time, the last thing I want to do is look at a screen. I want to read a book. I want to read a magazine. I want to go on a walk. I want to spend time with my friends. I want to explore a new neighborhood. 

I want your help.

I am subconsciously pushing myself away from my writing, and coming up with excuses as to why I can't do it. 

Does anyone else suffer from this issue? Does everything under the sun take precedent over working on your own creative project?

What do you do? Do you give up? Is this a sign that you don't actually care about what you claim you "want" to work on?

Is this a sign to take on less work? 

Does anyone have a solid system of how they separate work, free time, and personal projects? 

I would love it if you could share your answers (and experiences) in the comments below....

I think it would be brilliant to create a space where people can share their own issues and advice.

Also, I promise - talking about it helps chip away at that giant weight on your shoulders. 

Writer's block doesn't always come in the form of a "block." Sometimes it can take a bit before you realize what is going on. 

I am going to leave my comment. I hope you do too. 

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