The Top Spots for Living and Working Abroad

As someone who runs a travel blog that doubles as a Pittsburgh blog, I'm stuck in a real conundrum. 

I love Pittsburgh more every single day.... and yet, the more I get settled, the more I want to go on an adventure.

But I really like being settled!

But there are so many places to see?

But I don't have any money!

But I am spend all my money on rent?


I don't have any plans to go anywhere anytime soon.... and I say that mostly because my parents and my landlord read my blog.

Anyways, a girl can dream! No, literally, that's how I'm solving this problem. I'm dreaming of other cities where I could be comfortably settled. 

Below is a list of places I've been (plus a one I haven't been to) where I could actually see myself living and working.

For the record, there is a huge difference between visiting a place and liking it, and actually imagining yourself living and working there. 

If I could live and work anywhere in the world, where would it be?

1: Prague, CZR

So, I'm bias, because I have lived here (I studied abroad in Prague). Regardless, it's the best place on earth. 

Pros: Beautiful, beer with every meal, perfect public transit, my favorite city of all time, I already know my way around, medium size, tons of history, centrally located in Europe, easy to find an apartment on a public transit line

Cons: Language is so hard, people are not.... the friendliest, local cuisine isn't my favorite, requires three flights from Pittsburgh 


2: Taipei, Taiwan

Pros: So organized, so clean, amazing night markets, amazing food, people are so friendly, culture is intoxicating, great street food, English-teaching jobs pay well, could explore the rest of Taipei

Cons: Really far away from home, hard for a white girl to blend, could be hard to make friends


3: Kampot, Cambodia

Pros: Beautiful, relaxing, special, great artist community, tons of expats, could travel to Cambodian islands

Cons: Bizarrely small, really far away from home, hard to get to, mosquitos 


4: Italy (a small city near a big city)

Pros: Beautiful language, beautiful people, food, could travel to a big city, wouldn't have to deal with as many tourists

Cons: none? I guess toilets are weird in Europe 


5: Oaxaca, Mexico

Pros: great food, tons of expats, great artist community, close to home, I could learn Spanish and travel throughout Mexico

Cons: I've never actually been to Oaxaca, I don't speak Spanish, minimal safety concerns


6: Bangkok, Thailand

Pros: Everyone speaks English, super cosmopolitan city, lots to see and do, people are friendly, amazing cafe culture, easy to get electronics fixed, could travel to Thai islands

Cons: Crowded, too big, transit is expensive, lots of annoying tourists

7: Budapest, Hungary

Pros: Beautiful, tons to do, English is spoken by many, cosmopolitan city

Cons: Far from home


8: Český Krumlov, CZR

Pros: So beautiful, quaint, near Prague, relaxing

Cons: So many tourists, not a ton to do

9: Amsterdam

Pros: beautiful, tons to do, great museums to see, easy to wander, people speak english, public transit, could explore other parts of The Netherlands

Cons: So expensive, I don't bike


9: Salzburg, Austria

Pros: Beautiful, everyone speaks English, could explore Austria

Cons: SO EXPENSIVE, I'm probably not clean enough to live in Austria 


7: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Pros: Amazing expat community, super easy to get a visa, would make a ton of friends, lots of English, plenty to explore, great bar scene

Cons: Not cheap, I didn't like it very much while I was there