What I WOULD be Doing This Weekend in Pittsburgh

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I am not going to be in Pittsburgh this weekend.  However, If i was, I would be going to.....


"Coffee Buddha After Hours: Coffee Buddha-haha" Stand up

Honestly, standup might be my "new thing" (says the girl who has seen approx 1 standup show in her life). I think free (not actually sure it is free) and laid back (it will certainly be that) BYOB standup sounds like a great Saturday night activity.  Plus Coffee Buddha is a chill place. More information here

Youngstown Flea Market

I have been wanting to go to this all summer!  Unfortunately, I am not here... but YOU (yes, YOU) should go checkout this "market for makers." Plus local food and flea vendors. Youngstown is pretty dope too. More information here


Best Ice Cream in America Contest

Ahhhhh! Okay, so to be fair, the actual part that guest get to participate in is very limited (see: nonexistent). But! I think it is so cool that three ice cream celebrity (can I be one of those?) are flying in to judge ice cream from every state.  Can't wait to see who will be the victor (#TeamWalnutBeachCreameryinCT) Read the post I wrote on it for more information! 

So yeah! Doesn't seem like I will be missing too much! 

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