MAJOR Travel Book Club Update: Review Vlog and Next Book Announcement

After some subtle (and not so subtle) digs from my father over the past couple of weeks regarding the state (or lack thereof) my travel book club, I decided it was time for a major revamp of the entire project. Thanks Dad, you were right!

The Gal-ivanter Travel Book Club was (by far) the idea that I received the most feedback from people about... regardless, I still managed to let this one low-key fall apart.   As I learned: reading a book, creating a review, and posting it on the internet every two weeks is not something I am capable of - yet. 

That is why we are shifting everything around.  Each book will now get a month.  In that time I will read the book, post a review, and schedule a meet up.  The meet up is literally because people have been asking for it, I don't think anyone will show up... that I why I will be hosting it at a bar. 

The review vlog for my first book, Travels With Charley by John Steinbeck is now live :

NEXT BOOK: Blue Highways by: William Least Heat-Moon
THIS BOOK WILL FINISH ON 5/5, when I post the review and announce the next book.

While the meetings will take place in Pittsburgh, anyone in the world is welcome to read along, watch the videos, and comment with their own opinions!  Yay for putting down phones, yay for reading, and YAY FOR TRAVEL! 

For more information, check out the official Gal-ivanter Travel Book Club page.

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