Tips and Tricks for Taking Killer Instagram Pictures + JORD Watches

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As I mentioned on my blog a few weeks ago, people reach out to me not infrequently about collaborating on my blog. (I can't imagine what it's like to be a person with like... 6 million followers.)

Most of the time, it makes zero sense for me to collaborate with them (I'm looking at you, lawn care company). If I do respond, it's because I genuinely think their brand relates to me, and what I do.

Part of what I do is taking aesthetically pleasing photos for people's instagram (my own Instagram included). 

When the folks at JORD Watches reached out to me, I saw an opportunity. A beautiful watch - such as the ones JORD makes - can really enhance a photo. I'm using this JORD collaboration to share some of my favorite Instagram tips and tricks.    


With the holidays coming up, these affordable and unique watches are a great gift. PLUS, I have a 25% off coupon code for you guys.  Click here to get 25% off your purchase

Sidebar about the watches: I am a habitual watch-wearer,  and I think everyone should be. Wearing a watch that is 3-5 minutes fast changed my life. I am rarely late, and I don't depend on my phone (more than I already do). 

Each JORD is timepiece made with all-natural wood. These luxury timepieces are handcrafted, and arrive in a stunning wooden box. 

Really. These watches are very eye catching. I took some of these photos in a coffee shop, and on my walk there I was carrying the wooden box. I kid you not, two separate people stopped me on my way to ask what I was carrying. (I also live in a weird neighborhood, but that is beside the point.)


You'll instantly receive compliments. I promise

Before I get to the tips, here are the links to find a JORD watch for yourself, or someone you love!

My Watch
Men's Shop
Women's Shop

Without further ado... 

A Few of My Favorite Tips and Tricks For Taking Awesome Instagram Pictures

Forget about other people

It is very likely that people are going to eyeroll or make fun of you while you capture the perfect 'gram. Literally just forget about them. Yeah, it's a smidge embarrassing, but there are vloggers who make millions of dollars every month by walking around and talking into a camera. Do you think they let a few chuckles stop them?

Plan your lighting

If possible, sit next to a window. Never sit in the back corner of a dimly lit restaurant. You're doomed to fail. 

Also, take note of shadows. Are you sitting under a giant spotlight? Don't. Before I sit anywhere, I wave my hand over the table. If I can see the shadow, I don't sit there. I don't need the show of my phone hanging over my burger

Stand up

It makes all the difference, I promise. The only exception is cocktails - those rarely look better from above. 


Think about the photo before you take it

This may seem obvious, but so few people do this. Look at your table and set up the shot before you get out your phone to take it.  Ie: move stuff out of the way, ask your friend to move their hand, ect. 

Is there anything ugly in your photo?

This sounds simple, but sometimes people leave a dirty napkin or table tent in their pictures.  Don't?

Make your photo interesting!

Have more than just food in the picture! Have a drink, folded napkin, your friend's hand, a magazine, laptop... the bread basket, your phone, whatever!


Have a stunning accessory - like a JORD watch

My hand is easily the most photographed part of my body. Because of that, I try to keep it interesting with rings, painted nails, bracelets, and a wonderful watch. It helps make the picture more interesting!  

Balance details and neutral

However, that being said, keep it balanced. If you have a really intricate plate of food, don't photograph it over a patterned tablecloth.

Paint your nails

It makes all the difference. 

That's it for now! Please let me know if you liked this post. If so, I will share more tips in the future (I saved a couple of my favorites 😉). 

Also, please let me know what you think of the watch! Once again, here are the links to browse the collection. 

My Watch
Men's Shop
Women's Shop



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