What I am doing this weekend in Pittsburgh: September 22 - 24

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It is one of those damn weekends in Pittsburgh where everything is going on at once. 

I am hitting up some super special events, and I want to share them with yinz.

Enjoy. If you see me out and about, come say hi! I'm not shy. (Unless you're a serial killer. Then please just stay away.) 

These posts are like 50% for your benefit, 50% so I remember everything I want to do.


Etna Art Tour

Have you been to Etna before? It is okay to say no. I have been about 8 billion times, but that is because I grew up 3 miles away, and cutting through Etna was the fastest way to get to the city. 

Etna - a tiny town I overlooked for many years - is officially poppin' and I suggest everyone go check it out. Need an excuse to make the trip? (FYI: It is hardly a "trip" it is immediately across the 62nd Street bridge and 10 minutes from Highland Park.) I have your excuse!

The 2017 Etna Art Tour!

Crawl through Etna and checkout local shops, vendors, and OF COURSE, artists! Food trucks and booze (I think) will be on site. More information on line.  


(FINAL) Squirrel Hill Night Market

I hate crowds. It is 99% of the reason I write about so many awesome events, but actually go to about 10% of them. 

However, I am ~getting over it~ (I'm so brave) for one reason: Yummyholic Night King cookies.

Yummyholic is a WORLD CLASS cookie producer in Pittsburgh, and she occasionally makes cookies based on some of my favorite fandoms (ie: GoT and Hamilton). I can't stand to keep missing these tasty treats. So this Saturday, I will arrive at EXACTLY 6:00 p.m. to get one of these cookies. 

GoT Night King cookies - a limited quantity for this Saturday's Squirrel Hill Night Market!

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I will also probably checkout the dozens and dozens of other vendors.


Pittsburgh Pierogi Festival

Pittsburgh, aka Pierogi town, is celebrating it's favorite potato snack this weekend with an entire celebration dedicated to the good stuff.

37 (!!!!) vendors will be there, including The Commoner, The Coop Chicken & Waffles, Las Chicas Food Truck, and MANY more. 

Tickets can still be found online. 


Renya Pepper Festival

Celebrate peppers on Renya's farm for the 5th Annual Pepper festival!

Watch peppers get roasted, and take some home for later!


More information.

Maggie's Farm Rum Virgin Island Hurricane Relief

I love these folks, I love this rum, and I LOVE that they are hosting this event.

From the post:

"We'll be holding a Cane & Grog pop-up with Lucky this Sunday evening with 100% of profits going to Tim Duncan's hurricane relief charity who's guaranteed all donations will go directly to USVI relief. If you can't make it, we'll also be donating $1 from each drink sold this week leading up to the event. Please RSVP at our FB event page."

More information on the Facebook event page

You can now find all of our Pittsburgh related content at BurghGal.com.

Story photo: Courtesy of Yummyholic

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