Things I am Loving this Week: 3/28/17

I rarely break the 4th wall of blogging (which is different than the 4th wall of performance).  This is the wall that makes me look like a polished vagabond that does nothing but globetrot around, trying foods, having experiences, and then telling you all about it.

Yoohooooo folks! There is a real person under here, and I promise I'm not trying to disillusion you into thinking there isn't. 

It isn't intentional - trust me, I want to get real.  I just rarely take the time for it.  Between writing for work, and trying to produce helpful, or (at the very least) interesting content on here, I rarely take time to "get real."

The  "Things I am loving Series" is one of the few areas where I allow that for myself.  Another would be my Instagram story - yes, it is much less work to sporadically capture 10 seconds of my day, but I like sharing that side of my personality.... the one beyond the somewhat superficial nature of this wonderful hobby I have.   

Anyways, I'm not sure where I am going with this, but I just wanted to say a few things, and I guess this seemed like the best place to do it?

I'm a real person.
Thanks for reading.
Thanks for following. 
I appreciate it. 

... and now for some crap I have been digging this week. 


I have had the truly unique experience of interviewing some of the most amazing, and influential people in the Pittsburgh food community. However, Justin Severino is not one of those people. I've only seen him a few times... and I've always been too nervous to approach him! However, anything I've ever read by him has made me *idolize* him (hence why I won't approach him).  The article framed in the women's bathroom at Cure (I promise, if I had any clue about its source I wouldn't be calling it that) left a lasting impression.

and now this... Justin, you are a funny guy.  I like the way you approach the food industry. I really hope I get the privilege to talk to you about it sometime. 



$&%#@ gosh damnit.

 Let's talk about CAREER GOALS. My dad is going to be so excited to hear me use the word "career." Seriously though, Miss Camel Beauty Contest in remote Abu Dhabi? Nigeria Fashion Week? Fascinating - check it out. 


I am just going to go ahead and give the Incline a shoutout - I really like it.  The Incline is a Pittsburgh news site with a daily(ish) email newsletter.  It is kinda like the condensed Buzzfeed of local news. It is short, but sweet. I usually find a cool thing or two about the city that I didn't know before, and I also appreciate that they send out breaking news alerts whenever something large happens.

Plus, they frequently mention things I have written for Good Food Pittsburgh, so here is one back at ya Incline - I like and appreciate you. 

Plus they are sponsored by my bank, which is helpful when people tell me my bank isn't real.  

Ps: check out that exclusive look into my tab situation... because I forgot to take this screenshot in a different window. W


I have jumped on that bandwagon, which frankly I never do... not because I am too cool for it - actually quite the opposite.  I usually don't realize things are "a thing" until long after they have passed, and then I am too lazy to catch up (ie: I have never seen Superbad). 

However, I have started watching the HBO series Big Little Lies and I am entranced. Is anyone else watching? I need to know. Tweet me @thegal_ivanter if you are... real friends can tweet me on my real twitter. 


I don't know why I am obsessing over so many real people this week... it is a little weird, if we're going to be honest... but moving on! I found Steven's channel in a weird way - I was looking up video's on Iceland. Anyways, I found him at the same time a lot of other people found him (for a completely different reason).  Anyways, his vlogs are hilarious and goofy... yet poetic and well produced with a killer soundtrack?  Idk, that was a little too complimentary, but watch if you're into that sort of thing.