17 Things You Must Do Before Backpacking in Southeast Asia

I depart Pittsburgh for the west coast of the United States on Friday morning and I leave the United States for Vietnam on Sunday night.  I have a fair amount of prepping - and writing - to do before I leave, but I am currently so tired I am no joke writing this with my eyes closed (thanks 9th grade keyboarding).

I figured my current to do list could be an interesting (and brief) look into 'a few' things I have left to do in terms of preparation for my trip.  Keep your eyes out for more "SE ASIA PREP" posts as we get closer too... yes, even closer than 4 days... I do everything at the last minute, lets pretend it is endearing. 


  • call bank and tell countries I am visiting 
  • organize photos on phone, backup, and delete
  • organize photos on computer, backup, and delete
  • help mom prepare technology in house for when I am gone
  • clean house and prep for leaving
  • take out all trash
  • find way to remove gel manicure (WHAT A MISTAKE)
  • hair cut
  • facetime with friend who has already visited region 
  • message other friend who visited region 
  • figure out SE Asia travel hashtags (shit matters yall - naive if you think otherwise)
  • figure out how mailchimp works for email subscribers to blog 
  • decide clothing
  • pack clothing
  • look up more Vietnam history, food, and destinations (NEVER ENOUGH)
  • get passport pics for visas at border
  • fill malaria pill prescription
    (Do you see these last two? CLEARY not in order of importance.)


  • rugged external hard drive
  • birthday gift for friend
  • bag lock cord
  • contacts
  • hand sanitizer
  • carabiner (I remember being really panicked when I put this on my list and now I FOR HE LIFE OF ME, cannot remember why I need it)
  • better ear plugs (ugh... I have not missed 15 people dorms)
  • sun screen
  • bug spray
  • wet wipes (maybe) 

CLEARLY I got some stuff to do and should probably catch some zzzzzzzzzz. Keep yinz eyes on the blog.... BIG THINGS ARE HAPPENING SOON *LARGEST SMILE I COULD EVER PRODUCE*

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