Wear a Shrek Costume to the Smash Mouth Concert at the Regatta in Pittsburgh

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Gosh darn it, do I love Pittsburgh.  Not only do we think of hilarious jokes, but MY GOD do we commit to them.

So, Smash Mouth is performing at the Three Rivers Regatta on August 5th.  That is a fact I actually took the time to look up on the Regatta website (which, for the record, is yougottaregatta.com... also funny).

Let me start by saying this: I don't need any convincing to go to a Smash Mouth concert. I know more than just the big hits. "All Star" was the first song I ever memorized.  I would happily go to a Smash Mouth concert.  In fact, I hate crowds, and I would happily go to a free Smash Mouth concert at the Point.

HOWEVER the universe has given me another reason to go:

A Facebook event entitled  "Come to the smash mouth concert dressed as shrek" has 1,000 people going, and  4,700 people interested.

That is the whole story. The Incline went deeper into the story, which you can read here. However, I don't have anything else to say on the subjext.  This speaks for itself. 

Next Time: the whole "You gotta Regatta" thing

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