Change Your Routine - You Wont Regret it

Way back in college (can I say that yet? 'way back' in college?) I once pulled an all-nighter for a Spanish exam.  

It was like 2:00 AM, and I was flipping through the pages of my Spanish textbook when I saw a little graphic in the corner of one of the pages. I laughed out loud.

This little dude was a mirror image of how I felt at the time.  

So, why on earth am I bringing this up?

Because lately, that little dude is how I have felt every time I go to write a post on here.  I have just spent all day writing for the man.  All I want to do is go to bed.... but instead, I'm like "gotta crank out a blog post."  

While my "dedication" (or whatever you want to call it) isn't a bad thing, let's be honest - the blog posts I write at 11:30 pm, in bed WITH my eyes closed as I type (no really - I do that) are probably not my best work. 

Yesterday, I was reading my favorite content marking blog (copyblogger) and I read something that resonated:

"If you can write a blog post in your sleep, you're not challenging yourself enough. You are not going to develop as a writer, or content creator."

Touché. That is what I am literally doing. 

Also, the sad part of this whole thing is that I actually like writing on here. Or I did, back when it wasn't the thing keeping me from sleep. 


Today I did something different - I organized my schedule so I could spend a few hours writing first thing in the morning.  It is currently 8:00AM, and even though I have a stack of to-do lists next to me, I am pushing them back so I can blog-prep for the week.

I haven't done this since I didn't have a job.  (lol?)

I have an absolutely kick-ass list of blog posts I have been wanting to write... and it would be such a waste to half-ass these posts at midnight when I am trying to get something up on the blog.

So one more time... What was the point of this?

The same way that copyblogger post inspired me to get up and do something a little different today, maybe this will inspire you to prioritizes your side hustle a little extra.  

I am not telling you to not go to work, and flake on your commitments... but there is a way to get it all done.  And you can do it. 

Your side hustle isn't going to side hustle itself, folks!

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