What It Was Like to Have Bright Purple Hair

Lately I have been thinking a lot about that random period of my life where I had bright purple hair.

To be honest, there are a lot of things I look back on and think, "Really? Did I do that?"

Backpack alone in Southeast Asia? 
Ride in a hot air balloon in Turkey? 
Dye my hair purple in Belgium? 

However, the thing about hair... is that it is hair!

Hair grows back. It was a year and a half ago that I dyed my hair, and only 1-2 inches remain on my ends (this is why I have frosted tips). 

My frosted tips^.... those were not intentional

My frosted tips^.... those were not intentional

It was a pretty interesting time in my life, and I though it could be fun to share the experience of what it was like to have purple hair.

 Also, this explains the origin of my logo to people who don't get it... (note the purple ponytail)


You make eye contact with everyone

Literally, if you are look at someone (anyone), they will be looking back at you, 100% guaranteed. When I dyed my hair back to brown I was actually confused why people weren't staring at me. You get used to it, but it is a bit unnerving at first, especially because....

Some people don't look away

When you catch people staring at you, they usually have enough tact to look away. However, some people DGAF and just keep staring at you - usually elderly people who are low-key disgusted with your choices. 

Because you don't actually see it, you forget about it

People are looking at your hair every time they look at you.  

However, you only see it when you look in a mirror.  I would forget that I had it, even though it was probably the only thing people were thinking about while talking to me.

People think you are cooler than you are

I got asked where to get drugs by strangers TWO separate times when I had purple hair.... once in Berlin, which made me feel REALLY cool. It was less cool when I had to explain that I'm American and don't know where to get drugs. 

People think you are crazier than you are

I think people assumed I was just f'in off the rails.  It was fun to be like, "Yes, I just finished university where I majored in Economics." 

I would also get just told where drugs were... it was weird.  "There is a cafe in that area that is relaxed about smoking, if you know what I mean..."

No, I don't know what you mean.  Why are you telling me thi.. Oh right, I have purple hair. 

People pay attention to you when you talk to them

For example, there was this waffle shop that was not really open yet, and we really wanted some waffles.... so my friends told me to just walk in and ask for one.  Luckily, when a purple-haired girl walks into your waffle shop, you pay attention.  Sometimes it works in your favor. 

Weird things happen

I think weirdos attract. Bizarre people kinda just come out of the woodwork and assume you're best friends.  Within 24 hours of dying my hair, a group of Belgian teenagers asked me to be the bride in a fake wedding ceremony in a grocery store (see below photo).  

For the record, those Belgian teenagers barely spoke English, and I never really did find out why they wanted me to, "Wear wedding dress in a picture."

Showering isn't really a thing

I went almost a year without standing directly under a shower - this was the worst part of the entire experience.  Hot water is really bad for colored hair (especially purple hair), and I had to take these awful “half showers” for months

People bring it up

Like I said, you forget you have purple hair because you can't see it….. and then someone makes a sly joke about it, and you understand... and then it gets awkward because they thought it was a really good joke. 

Not everyone loves it

It's not everyone's cup of tea... and some people don’t have manners and will bring it up to your face. 

You can hide it with a big headband/scarf

Little pro tip from me to you: you can dress it up with a nice head scarf... taaa daaa.  

Eventually it looks like shit, and you either need to recommit or move on

Like most things in life, eventually the prime of your purple hair passes, and you need to decide if it is worth it to keep pursuing dat #purplehairlife. If not, buckle up and welcome to the next 1.5 years of getting it back to your natural color. 

my purple hair... looking not so great (lake bled looks real good though)

my purple hair... looking not so great (lake bled looks real good though)

And now, for those of you who made it to the bottom of the post, a collection of photos of me with purple hair!  This is literally the most pictures of myself I have ever posted on this blog... so yeah, this is what I (kinda) look like.