22 Productivity Tips from Remote-Work Warriors

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Last week I had the pleasure of working in Industrious PGH, a posh AF coworking space in Downtown Pittsubrgh. If you follow me on any form of social media, you're like, "We KNOW already!!!!"

As part of my stay there, I hosted a contest where my online friends could win a week in the office. To enter, you had to share a productivity tip on my Instagram.

I made this the requirement in hopes that even if not everyone could win, everyone could gain something useful from reading each other's tips. 

And wow. I was completely blown away by the response. We truly have some badass remote-work/freelance homies here in Pittsburgh. The tips shared were clever, insightful, unique, and very motivating.

I couldn't just let these drown in the abyss of my feed, so I gathered them all up so they can forever live on my blog! Thanks so much for everyone who entered and shared a tip! 

Enjoy everyone... these are some killer ideas!

Tips For Being Productive When Working Remotely, From Home, Freelance, ect....

I go look at trend forecasts and soak up the massive inspiration and get back to it 💃🏻 

I go for a walk! Or at least stick my head out the door for fresh air 😂 or simply taking a moment to stop & take a deep breath!

I set a timer or use the Tomato One/Pomodoro app. Nothing says “focus up buttercup” like a ticking clock. Plus, you can do anything for 25 mins and you feel so productive after that it’s easy to get back into the task

When I realize I need to regain focus I take a break from my work to read a chapter of whatever fiction book I’m reading. Sometimes you just need a complete escape from reality!

I write in actual times for my tasks (Emails 9-9:30, Blog Post 10-12, etc). That way I know if I’m behind schedule, I can either get my butt moving or make adjustments. 

I make sure that I schedule breaks throughout the day because if I don’t force myself to take them then I will start to stray as the day goes!! 

I like to take a long walk without my phone!

My best tip is to use the headspace app and do a 10 minute meditation to regain focus

Photo by  Brooke Lark  on  Unsplash

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

My biggest tip is to sto back from the work and take some breaths or go for a walk around the block.

I've found it helps to stop, pick another small task to knock off your list and come back to it.

I like to get in the kitchen...if it's cleaning, prepping a meal or just eating snacks duh!

I write 1-3 pages in my journal, “morning pages” style to clear my mind from whatever is distracting me! 

Take a break and look online for new places to travel to!

I cook! Working from home means I can make myself a big ol' delicious lunch instead of scarfing down a yogurt at my desk like I usually do. Creating a meal usually clears my head and I can return energized (and not just from the food I consumed).

A 15 minute doodle sesh always gets me back in a creative mindset without forcing it too hard. ✏️🖍

Like @angelicarosspgh, I use a pomodoro timer. I also use the Forest app on my phone and Cold Turkey on my computer to make sure every distraction is blocked!
@magsgpgh since you mentioned distractions, newsfeed eradicator for chrome is great for reducing the scrolling distractions on fb!

The great outdoors, whether a walk or a hike or a fresh air break, helps to hone in the focus or DANCE. A nice lil jam session does the mind good! Now dancing AND outside - homerun!

A quick dance party or walk! It doesn’t have to be long, 5-10 minutes usually does the trick! 💃🏼

I have a board on Pintrest of motivating quotes and thought provoking prompts that help get me back on track. Have to remind myself to stick to the one board or I'll lose myself on the rest of the site!

I've gamified my to-do list and give myself points for each task and extra points for completing everything. When I lose focus, I do an easier, more fun task on the list.

I go for a quick walk outside when the weather is nice! If not, just up and down the stairs


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