A Charming Portuguese Ceramic Shop in Lisbon

The discovery of a ceramic pitcher hidden away in my closet reminded me of an amazing shop in the heart of Lisbon.

I didn't find this gem myself. Unsurprisingly, our fantastic Culinary Backstreets guide Célia Pedroso (co-author of Eat Portugal) showed us the following shop when we mentioned we were looking for a place to buy some ceramics. 

Finding the name of this shop was a struggle. When I re-discovered the pitcher, it had no label anywhere on it's surface. 

I pictured its location, just off of the square where famous chef José Avillez' has a double-Michelin starred restaurant (Belcanto). I Belcanto into google maps and poked around.  

I found a shop with "kilo" in the title - ta da!This is exactly what I was looking for. 

Loiça ao kilo

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Loiça ao kilo sells 100% Portuguese ceramics by the kilo.  Nothing has a price tag.  When you go up to the counter, they put your items on a scale, and you are charged anywhere from €1- €5 per kilo.

Yes, €1- €5 per kilo of 100% Portuguese pottery. 

I am sure shops like this exist elsewhere, but this was my first experience with a place like this.... and I was blown away.  I was mostly impressed by how beautiful everything was - platters, pitchers, plates... and even a couple of things that don't start with the letter P.

This stuff would all be $40 at Anthropology, but we walked away with two pitchers (yep, the worst possible item for flying home) for less than $12. For TWO pitchers!! $12!!!

If you don't believe me, here is a collection of pictures I took from the shop's Facebook page:  

How often does a dish weight more than three kilos? I don't even know how much a kilo is (#America) and I know it's not very often. 

I think everyone walks away happy from the shop.

And yes, flying with ceramics is a nightmare....but if it breaks, it was only $5! 

Loiça ao kilo has two locations in Lisbon.   

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