ANNOUNCING: My New Podcast - "Dad Teaches Me About Wine"

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Another project? Another outlet for me to speak?

You bet!

My father and I have teamed up for a brand new podcast called "Dad Teaches Me About Wine."

Guess what it is about?


Yep, my dad teaching me about wine. Isn't that a great name??

My dad knows a lot (see: a lot) about wine. I know next to nothing (see: it taste good and gets me buzzed) about wine.

He has been lecturing ('mansplaining') wine to me for pretty much my entire life. Finally, at 24, I am going to sit down and listen (and drink some).

If you want to know more about wine... or if you want to know as much as you pretend to know about wine, this is the podcast for you.

I promise, you will learn more about wine. We are starting at the basics (ie: what the words on the label mean) and inching forward from there.

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND RATE IT ON ITUNES! How often do I actually ask for something like that? 

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