The Ultimate Pittsburgh Holiday Gift Guide 2017

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Woof. This guide took everything out of me. No one should have to spend that much time formatting/flighting with Squarespace... but here it is: The Ultimate 2017 Pittsburgh Holiday Gift Guide.

I couldn't be more proud... and by that I mean proud of my city! We are SO lucky to live in a place with this many talented residents! 

As this is a "Pittsburgh Holiday Guide," every single item on this list was either made in Pittsburgh, or specifically relates to the city (or both!)  

I provided links for online ordering, but many of these items can be found in different shops across the city. If you see something you like, use the brand's website and see if they can be found in any local shops. 

And.... while we're on the topic, be sure to check out my guide to my favorite Pittsburgh shops for holiday shopping!


1. I am only the middle man. All credit for this list goes to the artists who made it happen!
2. I COULD ONLY SHOW 1-3 PICTURES PER PERSON. If you like someone's work, please checkout their entire shop! They probably have dozens of other pieces you would be interested in. 
3. I obviously wasn't able to capture all of the awesome gift ideas in Pittsburgh... so leave your favorites in the comments below!

Without further ado....

My Favorite Pittsburgh Holiday Gifts - Christmas 2017


Cards, napkins, magnets, ect. - Sapling Press

Shop Sapling Press

Calligraphy/lettering items - Natter Doodle

  natter doodle  wine bag

natter doodle wine bag

Shop Natter Doodle. 

Pittsburgh keychains & shirts - Wear Love On Your Sleeve

Shop Wear Love on Your Sleeve

Geek Core Apparel

Shop Geek Core Apparel

Pins and stickers - YeahYelhsa

Shop YeahYelhsa.

Screenprinted Pittsburgh items - Garbella

Shop Garbella.

Simple Sugar Scrubs

 photo: simple sugars

photo: simple sugars

Shop Simple Sugars online.

Wine glasses - Printer Punch

Shop printer punch.

Yinzer Plates  - Simon's Granddaughter

A post shared by Val Snyder (@0_valencia) on

A post shared by Val Snyder (@0_valencia) on

A post shared by Val Snyder (@0_valencia) on

Shop Simon's Granddaughter.

Book Candles - North Ave Candles

Shop North Ave Candles.

Pittsburgh Nail Polish  - Gridlock Lacquer

Shop Gridlock Lacquer.

Pins & stickers - EMcGaugheyDesigns

Shop EMcGaugheyDesigns.

PGH Canvas - Fiber and Gloss

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 6.12.56 PM-min.png

Shop Fiber and Gloss. These canvases can be found at The Direction at Ross Park Mall.

Pittsburgh mug and calligraphy prints - Cricket Lane Studio

Check below for local coffee suggestions to pair with these mugs! 

Shop Cricket Lane Studio

Wooden tech cases - Kerf Cases

A post shared by KerfCase (@kerfcase) on

A post shared by KerfCase (@kerfcase) on

A post shared by KerfCase (@kerfcase) on

Shop Kerf Cases.

Stitchburgh Boutique


Chalk Class at Lily & Val

 photo: lily & Val

photo: lily & Val

For $75 you can purchase a seat in a Chalk Lettering Workshop at the Lily and Val store on Ellsworth Ave in Shadyside. For $75 you'll receive a lettering kit and two hours of instruction. 

Lily & Val Workshops.

Popcraft Classes

A post shared by Pop Craft (@popcraftart) on

Pop up craft classes - make something artsy with the Popcraft folks. Classes change frequently and include mosaics, reclaimed wood art, hand lettering, and much more.

Book a Popcraft class online

21 -Course Tasting Menu at The Twisted Frenchman


The Twisted Frenchman restaurant in East Liberty offers a 21-course chef's tasting menu inside of the kitchen of the restaurant.  

I got my parents this experience for their 30th wedding anniversary. My parents live & breath food, attend Food Network festivals, and have been to countless Michelin Starred restaurants. They say the meal was unlike anything they have ever experienced.

This tasting menu is easily the ultimate food experience currently available in Pittsburgh. 

The Twisted Frenchman. Call (412) 665-2880 for reservations. 

Candle Making at The Candle Lab

Pick an empty jar (prices $16 - $31) that your can later be brought into the store to make a custom candle. Choose from dozens of scents to make a completely personalized candle. Each candle can combine up to three scents.

The Candle Lab is located at 4409 Butler St. 

A519 Chocolate Making

Pittsburgh's too-pretty-to-eat boutique chocolate company, A519 chocolate, offer a personalized, three hour truffle making class with their nationally acclaimed head choclitier, Amanda Wright. 

A519 Truffle Making.

Beer Making at Copper Kettle


Copper Kettle Brewing Company offers guests the opportunity to purchase a fun, educational brewing experience. For $200, guests a CKB brewer will guide you through the brewing experience, bottles, caps, cases and generic labels.  The experience takes 2 hours. A few months later, you'll receive 4 cases of beer.  

Book a brewing experience at Copper Kettle

Porter Tours Beer Tour


Give the gift of a beer tour around Pittsburgh. Hang out on the stylish Porter bus and get a tour of several breweries around the city. 

Book a beer tour

Tech Class with HackPgh

 photo: hackpgh

photo: hackpgh

Hack Pgh hosts fun tech classes like "Build a LED Flashing Xmas Tree." Keep your eye on their schedule for something that interests you. 

Book a Hack Pgh Class

Workshop PGH DIY School

WorkshopPGH in Garfield has a consistent rotation of unique art classes including fringe jewelry, wreath making, wooden benches, and much more.

Book a WorkshopPGH class. 


Canned Beers from Local Breweries

Many breweries in Pittsburgh have "can release days" where customers can purchase canned varieties of their favorite local beers. This is great for friends and relatives in and out of Pittsburgh. Many beer fans outside of the city would have no chance to try these brews otherwise. (Personal favorites include Hitchhiker and Dancing Gnome). 

Sugar Bakers

 photo: sugar bakeers

photo: sugar bakeers

Shop Sugar Bakers.

Chip and Kale Local Meal Delivery

 photo: chip and kale

photo: chip and kale

Chip and Kale meal delivery is like Blue Apron... but local and healthy. The business offers 100% plant-based gourmet food delivery. They deliver within a 20 miles radius of Downtown Pittsburgh.

Order Chip and Kale Meal.

A519 Chocolates

 photo: a519 chocolate

photo: a519 chocolate

A519 Chocolates has a pop up shop in Lawrenceville until Valentine's Day, or can be ordered online

Beautiful Bread from Mediterra Bakehouse

Mediterra Bakehouse.

Country Hammer Moonshine

 photo: country hammer moonshine

photo: country hammer moonshine

Funky flavor moonshine - Birthday Cake, Butterscotch, Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Reese’s Cup, ect. 

Country hammer has two locations in Pittsburgh.

Leaf & Twig Tea

 photo: leaf and twig tea

photo: leaf and twig tea

Shop Leaf and Twig tea.

Gingerbread Bar - Nathan Miller Chocolate

(Okay, yeah... this is closer to Philly... but c'mon! Gingerbread chocolate??)

Shop Nathan Miller Chocolate

Yummyholic Cookies

A post shared by Yummyholic (@helloyummyholic) on

 photo: threadbare cider

photo: threadbare cider

Threadbare Cider.

Local coffee

Pittsburgh has dozens of local coffee roasters. Check the vendor list for Rise + Shine festival for a list of Pittsburgh roasters. 


Jenna Vanden Brink

Shop Jenna Vanden Brink.

Brian Giniewski

(Okay he is Philly, but shhhh)

Shop Brian Giniewski.

Margaret Haden Ceramics

Shop Reiko Yamamoto.

Docks from STAK Ceramics

Shop STAK Ceramics.

White Swan Studio

Shop Camp Copeland.

A. Marsden Artwork

Shop A. Marsden Artwork .


Stoop Kid Creative

 Stoop kid creative

Stoop kid creative

Shop Stoop Kid Creative

Red Robot Creative

 Red Robot creative

Red Robot creative

Shop Red Robot Creative.

Reconstructing Ideas


Shop KloRebel.

Baxter and the Bear

Shop Baxter and the Bear.


(cut maps)



Shop Mapsburgh.

Strawberry Luna

 Abbie adams

Abbie adams

Reach out to Abbie for information on her prints, or to order a custom house portrait.


Samantha Skelton Jewelry

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 4.03.52 PM.png

Samantha Skelton has a shop on Penn Ave in Bloomfield.

Frost Finery

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 3.59.51 PM.png

Shop Frost Finery.

What section was your favorite? Please let me know in the comments below! 

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