Pittsburgh Comedy Festival This Weekend

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I probably spend 50% of my life scouring Pittsburgh event listings, trying to find (and share) what is going on in this wonderful city.  I won't lie - while most of the things I find are crap, some are good, and very few are great.  

I don't actually go to very many things..... 

(I'm also cheap, lazy, and hate crowds, but that is another story for another time.) 

HOWEVER I finally found an event that I am STOKED about, I am going to make the effort to attend. This weekend is the:


A project of Comedy Arts Pittsburgh · Fiscally sponsored by Pittsburgh Filmmakers/Pittsburgh Center for the Arts

Live comedy is something I love, but don't attend enough. I'm embarrassed to share that I don't know many Pittsburgh comedians. Hopefully this will change that! Also, some national acts will be performing as well. 

The website tells me the festival will take place the Henry Heymann Theater (on the University of Pittsburgh campus) from August 23rd to the 27th.

Festival passes, which includes tickets for every event are only $50, but individual tickets can also be purchased. 

I am feeling the Friday midnight show, but that is just me.


You can now find all of our Pittsburgh related content at BurghGal.com. 

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