On being wrong about a recommendation or suggestion....

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I adore exploring and sharing my opinion. 

I am lucky that people often give me the chance to share it.... or at the very least, don't tell me to shut up. 

But the the thing about my opinion is that it is my opinion.

I am not perfect, and I don't want to pretend to be.

I sometimes pick the wrong place to go out to eat, or a bummer activity for the day (ask my family... they vacation with me the most).  Sometimes you put yourself out there, and then things fall flat. 

And that is okay.

The more consistently I write on my blog, or for other people on other sites, the more I put myself out there.  I just want to make it clear that I don't think I am perfect, and am aware that sometimes I am wrong.

I am not going to apologize or take back my opinion - everyone is entitled to one, including you... and your opinion could be that I am a big fat idiot... and that is cool, because that is your opinion!

But, I don't want to be seen as snobby or full of myself... Trust me I do not think I am perfect. I have to hang out with me 24/7.

Maybe one day I will event share a post of the top times I was wrong.... in fact, I think I am going to do that tomorrow. yay! 


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