Northern Appalachian Folk Festival This Weekend in Indiana, PA

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Where is Indiana, PA?

Close enough to Pittsburgh that they use "yinz" on the promotional material for their 5th Annual Northern Appalachian Folk Festival

If yinz have been following along on here, you'll know I love nothing more than a well-organized, local festival.  This appears to be just that. 



Indiana's Northern Appalachian Folk Festival has an impressive line-up of folk/bluegrass bands playing from Friday, well into Sunday afternoon.

Headliners include: Slim Jim Phantom, The Commander Cody Band, and Patty Larkin... plus 15 more regional, local, & far out acts. Checkout their website the full music lineup.

The festival will also include local artists and vendors, children's activities, workshops, contests (did someone says log-sawing?), and so much more! 

I know I am excited - are you?

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Indiana, PA, is 1 hour and 15 minutes from Pittsburgh. The festival will be held September 9-10th, with two "warm up days" on the 7-8th. Admission is free. Checkout the website for more information. 

Story photo from the Northern Appalachian Folk Festival Facebook page

You can now find all of our Pittsburgh related content at

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