Pittsburgh in the Press: Bon Appétit Magazine Says Morcilla has "the best charcuterie in America"

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I follow so much local Pittsburgh shit on Facebook that I get really confused when a national publication posts something about Pittsburgh.

Huh. Why is this here? Was this reposted locally? Are they featuring this because Facebook knows I am from Pittsburgh?

I mean, let's get real - the internet is stalking all of us so, yeah, somewhere deep down, Bon Appétit was probably targeting me with the video they posted a Pittsburgh related video this morning.

Morcilla has the best charcuterie in America? You don,'t say, Bon Appétit!

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 4.55.11 PM.png

Here is the thing I have noticed - Bon Appétit reposts a lot of old content. This isn't a bad thing. Honestly, as a content producer, I get it. Sometimes.... life gets in the way.... and your old shit isn't getting the attention it deserves.

So, this video and the accompanying article are from Bon Appétit's 2016 "Best New Restaurants in America." It is not super recent.

However, they doesn't make it lest entertaining, insightful, and flattering! Check it out below. 

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