TODAY: Monterey Pop on WYEP in Pittsburgh

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This weekend is the 50th anniversary of the Monterey Pop Music Festival... which took place (50 years ago) in Monterey, California. 

Now, I didn't really know about this festival... and I probably wouldn't care that much, if I hadn't just been in Monterey and seen all the flyers/posters/banners in honor of the 50th anniversary.

Then my Mom was like, "It's a big deal. This is the festival where Jimi Hendrix set his guitar on fire."

OH RIGHT. That festival. Got it, got it, got it. 

NPR says this about the festival:

"In the 21st century, destination music festivals seem like a dime a dozen. But just 50 years ago, there was only one: the Monterey International Pop Festival... Monterey Pop set the template for all the huge rock festivals that would follow — Woodstock, Coachella, Bonnaroo and all the rest...The festival's star-studded lineup reads like a who's who of rock royalty, but four names rise to the top of any conversation about the festival." 

Janis Joplin
The Who
Otis Redding
Jimi Hendrix

In honor of this iconic festival, our local station (where the music matters), WYEP, is playing music from the festival throughout the day. 

Listen online to relive this history! 

For more information on the festival (because, I sure as hell wasn't there), check out these links:

NPR- A Look Back At Monterey Pop, 50 Years Later
Billboard - How Monterey Pop Set the Stage for Festivals to Come
Monterey County Weekly - The Monterey International Pop Festival made stars out of Janis and Jimi, created a blueprint.... 
(^this title, though informative, is a mouth-full)

Or google it

Oh, also, Monterey is holding a 50th Anniversary festival this weekend.

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