Pittsburgh Local Business 2: Goat Landscaping Services

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I love goats. 

It's a love from afar, and I don't bring it up very often, but yeah... I think goats are stellar.  (Actually, one of my first blog posts ever was about goats.)

There are three main reasons:

1: Goat cheese and goat milk chocolate are two of the best parts of being a human on this planet. 

2: One time, in St. Lucia, I saw a baby goat fall down a hill when a truck honked and took it by surprise. Ever since, I have felt a deep compassion towards goats. Yes, that was a very traumatic story - sorry to unload that on you.  

3: I once saw a goat headbutt a girl who tried to take a selfie with it. 

So why is this relevant? Because goats are the genesis for the newest post in my "Local Business" series (bet you didn't see that one coming!)

Pittsburgh Local Business 2: Goat Landscaping Services

Talk about innovate services. If you aren't familiar with this idea, this is gist: 

  • People own a team of goats.
  • They bring them goat to clear your overgrown thorny land sometimes filled with invasive and poisonous species.  
  • Goats get to eat.
  • Your land is clear.
  • Everyone is happy. 

Extra: there might even be a donkey or llama leader, working as the "livestock guardian." 

AlleghenyFront.org actually did a great piece covering this concept (in this area), and you should give it a read. Also, this satirical (I think its satirical?) piece on it from the Washington Post isn't bad either. 

"Goat landscaping" isn't an idea specific to Pittsburgh, but it actually has a pretty large presence in the city, with multiple companies offering this service. Included are:

Steel City Grazers

The most famous (they got a contract with the city of Pittsburgh). 


Allegheny Goatscape

Top notch logo. 


Also, goats can access a lot of areas that are dangerous, or hard to reach for humans. Anyways, goat landscaping is so cool. Goats are so cool.

If you didn't know this existed, I am sure it brightened up your day. 

The end.

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