Favorite Bar in Pittsburgh - Hidden Harbor - Featured on Supercall

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Hidden Harbor is my favorite bar in Pittsburgh?

Anyone who knows me, or my startlingly expensive cocktail habit, understands that is a huge compliment. 

If you haven't been to Hidden Harbor yet.... what you doing, bro?

My cocktail/booze habit includes not only consuming expensive drinks, but also reading and following cocktail/booze publications... because.... well.... yeah. It's me. 

Imagine my surprise while perusing Supercall - my like, fourth (?) favorite drinking publication - to recognize a drink from Pittsburgh's own Hidden Harbor.

Hidden Harbor is easily one of the most nationally buzzed about bars in Pittsburgh - and rightly so! It's cute af, has delicious drinks, and is soooo #ontrend with this whole tiki revival. 

Anyways, I am pretty late to post about this (this article is from July.... and so is the drink), but I just think it is awesome.

As far as cocktails go, this one is 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 - check it out! 

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