Win A Week In 'Industrious' Co-Working Space (at PPG Place)

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To my fellow freelance/remote work warriors, I've got the most exciting giveaway for you. 

I get weird emails all the time from people asking me to promote stuff on my blog. Sometimes they are so unrelated to my site that it makes me laugh.

Sorry, but lawn care is just really not the vibe of The Gal-ivanter.

However, I immediately responded to this email because it combines so many things I'm passionate about:

Pittsburgh + badass self-motivated working + local coffee & treats + marble countertops + strong wifi + instagram aesthetic vibes + friendly people   

(No, really, all of those things ^ run through my veins.)

So, what am I giving away? 

A free week at the (very posh) Industrious co-working space, located on the 31st floor of PPG Place

And, aside from the free Commonplace Coffee, La Gourmandine pastries, fridge of La Croix, breathtaking views, friendly people, and comfortable seating.........

I cannot explain how motivated I feel in this environment.

I have been absolutely crushing my work. There is nothing more relaxing and motivating than just looking out of the window at the best view of Pittsburgh I've ever seen. Seriously. I just take a two minute break to stare at my lovely city, and I am ready to work again.  

Usually, regaining this motivation takes 20 minutes of youtube and cell phone scrolling.  

So, how do you win this free week?

It is really, really simple:

1: Follow me on instagram. @burghgal 
2: Comment on the below picture one tip for regaining focus during a busy work day (ie: I take a walk around the block without my phone).
3: Encourage your independent/freelance friends to do the same!

👓 You can redeem this week whenever you want (not working independently quite yet? save it!)
👓 It is basically like a free week of working in a coffee shop, but more posh and with a better work environment

👓 Spammy comments - ie: clapping emojis and the words 'brilliant one!' - do not count
👓 One entry per person
👓 Contest ends 10/24/ at 7:00 P.M. EST
👓 Winner selected at random
👓 Winner announced 10/25 at 8:00 A.M. EST on my instagram, @burghgal

If you (somehow) need more convincing, checkout some of the pics of my favorite parts of Industrious Pittsburgh below:


The really cute logo


Have I already convinced you?


The lounge area that I would cut off my arm to have in my own apartment 


Looking at Pittsburgh! 


This marble table that security might catch me walking home with


I am honestly even just pretty into this blanket


Views of PNC Park


Fruit water!




AND Views of Heinz Field


Commonplace coffee!


plus beer and other drinks!

Not pictured:
👓 Great music
👓 The wonderful community manager Anna!
👓 Private office options!
👓 Snack time!

More information on Industrious Pittsburgh.  

You can now find all of our Pittsburgh related content at

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