My Favorite Podcasts, in no particular order

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I’ve been obsessed with podcasts for a looooong time.

In started in 2005. Before the 7th Harry Potter book came out, I listened to a Harry Potter theory podcast called “MuggleCast.” I simply adored the show and its hosts. You know the way you fangirl when you’re 12? Well, instead of Justin Bieber or the Jonas Brothers, I loved the hosts of Mugglecast. Even when I was on punishment (which was all the time), my parents would let me use the computer on Sunday nights just so I could download the latest episode of Mugglecast and put it on my iPod.

Fast forward 13 years and yeah… I still obsessively listen to Podcasts and pretend the hosts are my friends.

For me, it’s the easiest way to get culture and news into my life. I can’t always guarantee I’ll have time to read and/or watch the news… but gosh darnit I can always find time to listen to a Podcast.

Below are a few of my absolute favorite podcasts. I also listen to some pretty basic ones (ie: Up First and The Daily), but I tried to include things aren’t in the Top 10 charts 24/7… because you can obviously find those on your own.

I’m ALWAYS looking for new podcast recs! What is your favorite show? Please leave it in the comments below!

In no particular order, here are my favorite podcasts:

BBC Global News Podcast

podcast recommendations

Updates twice a day, every day, sharing the latest in world news. Emphasis on WORLD. This is not just an ethnocentric, USA news update podcast. It’s offers depressing news from all over the globe! Plus, since it’s the BBC, they have accents… so it’s kinda less depressing to hear?

My Brother, My Brother and Me

podcast recommendations

My Brother, My Brother, and Me might me a hard sell because it’s a very esoteric type of humor… but it’s my favorite type of humor. It you like taking jokes way. too. damn. far… then this show is for you. The McElroy Brothers are hilarious. I suggest starting around episode #315 and working your way forward (they have amassed almost 8 years of episodes).

The High Low

podcast recommendations

My current absolute FAVORITE podcast. The hosts, Dolly Alderton & Pandora Sykes, are absolute goals, and I HATE that phrase. They’re well-read, insightful, charming, and hilarious. It’s a news show that covers it all… from the high (politics and world affairs) to the low (Kardashians). They also have beautiful accents the keenest fashion senses. Ugh, I love them so much.

Guys We F****d

podcast recommendations

I feel like I’ve known the hosts (Krystyn and Corinne) for years! These NYC comedians present a progressive and honest view on sexuailty (and humanity) that everyone should listen to. They completely changed the way I view human behavior and sexuality. They also present an informed and unbiased updates on social issues. If you’ve ever slut-shamed someone (that’s everyone), then you need to listen to this show. Start at Episode 1!


podcast recommendations

The ultimate gymnastics podcast in the universe! If you’re more-than-average obsessed with women’s artistic gymnastics (like me!), then you’ll enjoy this show. Aside from fun updates on your favorite gymnast (Aly, Laurie, Simone, ect.), they’ve also done an outstanding job covering/investigating the Larry Nassar trial, including holding organizations accountable, and ensuring the public places importance on what really matters (the safety of athletes!)

Can I Pet Your Dog?

podcast recommendations

Dog lovers, this one’s for you! Hosts Allegra Ringo and Renee Colvert unabashedly talk about their love for dogs with segments like: “Dogs We Met This Week” and “Mutt Minute,” where they describe a dog breed in 60 seconds or less. They are also hilarious.

Code Switch

podcast recommendations

Code Switch is an NPR podcast that delves into all aspects of race and culture. Hosted entirely by journalists of color, it tackles race and identity, especially in the context of our current political climate. A must-listen for everyone.

Good Food Pittsburgh Radio

podcast recommendations

Full disclosure: I co-host Good Food Pittsburgh Radio with my editor, Emily Catalano. If you’re looking for restaurant recommendations and updates on Pittsburgh’s food news delivered straight to your phone… our podcast is 100% the way to go! Bon appétit!

How I Built This

podcast recommendations

A very inspiring and motivating podcast. NPR reporter Guy Raz interviews the founders of big companies (like really big companies), and the founders explain… well, how they built it! It’s comforting to hear that a lot of the time, it took a mixture of hard work and serendipity (plus a few failures) to get them to where they are today. Companies include: DryBar, Lonely Planet, Steve Madden, LuLuLemon, Kate Spade, Lara Bar, StitchFix, and many more!

Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert

podcast recommendations

Oh how I love Elizabeth Gilbert! I was just listening to this podcast today. This woman is so damn inspiring and well-spoken. If you’ve never read Eat, Pray, Love… get off your high horse and start reading. This podcast is an extension of Elizabeth’s book “Big Magic,” which deep dives into all aspects of the creative process (why we create, what holds us back, how inspiration strikes, ect.)

In this podcast, Elizabeth does a case study on various types of artists (writers, dancers, comedians, painters) who are having trouble with their creative process. The encouragement and advice she shares is helpful for any and all artists to hear!

My Indian Life

podcast recommendations

BBC Podcast hosted by Bollywood actor Kalki Koechlin. She tells the fascinating stories of young people living in India, and what that means in the digital age. The first episode, “Dancing to his own beat,” explores the story of Eshan Hilal, a young Indian man whose dreams of being a male belly dancer have torn his family apart. This show offers a unique perspective and is a great listen!

Not Too Deep

podcast recommendations

I like Grace Helbig and her podcast is pretty good! She interviews various celebrities. Find one with a celebrity you like and enjoy! I personally recommend every episode with Mamrie Hart.

If I Were You

podcast recommendations

Again, I’m a big of Jake & Amir (à la College Humor), so I like this podcast. The show has recently gone stale, but if you go back maybe… 100? episodes, it’s l.o.l. funny. Classic advice show formula.

The Writer Files

podcast recommendations

This podcast is fine! It’s not my favorite, but one of my favorite things to do when I’m procrastinating writing is listen to to other writers talk about writing. That’s exactly what this podcast is! It’s always enlightening to hear someone else’s process. Spoiler alert: it usually involves just buckling down and getting the work done.

Two Less Lonely Girls

podcast recommendations

Comedy podcast on Justin Bieber/celebrity culture in general. I mostly listen because it’s co-hosted by Corinne Fisher (of Guys We F****D), and she’s one of my favorite comedians. If you want a wacky, easy listen, tune in!


podcast recommendations

Presented by the Southern Foodways Alliance, Gravy is an AWESOME podcast that explores all aspects of food in the south. Episodes include:
- where kentucky meets somalia
- kimchi and cornbread
- bluegrass tacos
- separation of church and coffee

It’s hard to describe….so just trust me and give it a listen!

My Favorite Murder

podcast recommendations

Have you heard of this little indie podcast, My Favorite Murder? Lul, jk, obviously. This podcast is MEGA popular. If you’re into true crime, this is your show. More than anything, MFM has taught me to be WAYYYY more vigilant and to trust absolutely no one. I’m 100x more paranoid than ever, but ultimately probably a whole lot safer!

Locked Up Abroad


Just a really terrifying podcast about people who were jailed in a foreign country. Truly anxiety inducing… but in the same vein as MFM, at least I’m more careful in respect to local laws when I travel?

Series podcasts:

These are a few of my favorite “serial” podcasts, aka telling a sequential story… kinda like a TV show. Great for binging on a road trip! As they are already completed, they don’t put out new episodes every week.

  • Heaven’s Gate: podcast about the tragic Heaven’s Gate cult. SUPER interesting and disturbing

  • The Assassination: Important podcast about the murder of Benazir Bhutto, former Prime Minister of Pakistan

  • Serial: Another very famous podcast. This show kinda jump started the podcast revolution. Start with Season 1, Episode 1.

I also listen to quite a few marketing podcasts. If you’re interested in those, leave a comment below.

What is your favorite podcast? I LOVE podcast recommendations. Please leave your favorite show in the comments below!

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