A great blog you should read

Guys, I am in a little bit of a blogging rut. 

Even though I have been gallivanting all over the place, and have two sheets of notebook paper filled with "future blog post ideas," I have been just lacking the energy (and the passion) to write anything.

Why is this? Well, I write so much for work that by the time I finish everything I have to do, and take time to do what I want to do.... it usually isn't writing. 

At least for now.  However, I am not using this as an excuse to take a break or slack off. These are the challenges that we work to overcome, and they make us better for it. 

I am just letting you know.... that is where my head is @ (and why I have been absent/publishing things that aren't even finished yet). 


"Didn't see say she had a blog to share with us? Why am I listening to her complain about having s0 mucH w0rk???"

Yes, the blog! It is called...

Copy Blogger

This blog is filled with tips on writing, writing for media marketing, content strategy, and just general tips for making the most of the internet.  

I keep clicking on a post, and then within it there are links to more and more cool posts.  Like, yeah, I do want to know "How to Write 16 Knockout Articles When You Only Have One Wimpy Idea."... That post can be found here, by the way. 

I bookmarked the first two posts I read from Copy Blogger, and then took four screen shots of specific tidbits of advice. 

If any of those things interest you. Click here!

and here!

or here

and check them out.  If you are reading this, but are not interested in media/content strategy... I must guess that you are either my parents, or you come here for the Pittsburgh food tips. So... here is a Pittsburgh food tip: Spoon has really great cocktails.