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Day 8 - Monday, November 20th


This is taken from a post I published in January called "More Things To Do On The Northside of Pittsburgh"

The Pittsburgh chapter of the international City of Asylum organization has been located on the North Side of Pittsburgh since 2004.  As one of the founding chapters in the United States, the Pittsburgh branch of the City of Asylum project provides relief for writers in exile, as well as awareness to their cause.

City of Asylum has weaved itself into the community of Pittsburgh, especially on the North Side. After a decade, the project was finally able to open their next venture: the Alphabet City Literary Center.  


Alphabet City, which opened on the 14th of January, 2017, is a bookshop, restaurant, and performance space.  The bookshop is curated by the City of Asylum, and features the largest collection of work produced by exiled writers in the world.  The restaurant, Casellula, is a New York style wine and cheese bar, but with affordable prices (I shouldn't need to say much more). 

More information on Casellula

Though it just opened, the performance space already has a hefty lineup of literary events .   The interior of Alphabet City is fantastic.  The passions and sweat put into the project is evident.  The space is very versatile - I can see myself meeting friends here for drinks, picking out a new book, getting some work done, or enjoying a poetry reading. 

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You can now find all of our Pittsburgh related content at

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