Check This Out: Air Plants Workshop @ Ace Hotel this Monday

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Pop Craft, a pretty incredible pop-up creativity workshop/event coordination service that I just discovered (TG!), is hosting a "Himmeli Air Plants" workshop at the Ace Hotel next Monday. 

If I didn't clearly explain what Pop Craft is, I am going to let them take it away...

 "...Thus, Pop Craft was born, a crafting workshop at your local bar where you show up, get crafty, and take home a really great project. For your project, we bring quality materials and give you easy to follow instructions, resulting in really great crafts that they are unique and personalized to your tastes."

There are a ton of really unique craft pop-ups on the site, but the one I am talking about today is the "Himmeli Air Plants" event.

"Himmeli means sky in Swedish and himmeli sculptures are often used as hanging ornaments in Nordic countries during the holiday season"... aka this is a workshop will teach you to make a trendy airplant and brass sculpture that will look perfect in any instagram picture. 

Now, if I am going to be honest,  I live in my parents house and have 0% control over the decor... so, no, I probably don't need to go to this event.

HOWEVER I think it looks awesome, and there are probably a lot of people who would love the chance to learn how to make one of these fashionable wall decorations. 

Tickets are $42, but if you buy a craft-pass with Pop Craft, I am pretty sure you can go to three workshops for $100. (see: pretty sure)

For more information, check out the Pop Craft website!

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