Grist House Craft Brewery in Millvale, PITTSBURGH - making yinzers very hoppy

This is the mark of a good brewery: every time I have had the desire to go out and get a drink in Pittsburgh for the past two months, my mind has instantly thought of Grist House in Millvale.

Even though Grist House Craft Brewery has occupied their spot on Sherman Street in Millvale since 2014 (and was being home brewed for years before that), it wasn't until this summer, 2016, that I got the chance to taste it.

As you can see, it certainly left its mark.

Grist house has almost a dozen rotating drafts available at the Millvale location, and, as they put it, "whether you’re a craft beer connoisseur who prefers a full-body IPA, a refreshing wheat, a crisp Kolsch or a hearty imperial stout, or you’re completely new to the game, Grist House grinds out great beers that you (and your friends) will truly enjoy." (link)

grist house pittsburgh

As delicious as the beer is (and it really is good), what makes Grist House is the atmosphere.

Unlike some of the smaller breweries in nearby Lawrenceville (which we still love), Grist house has the true brew yard feel you wouldn't expect in the city of Pittsburgh.

There is indoor, outdoor, and outdoor with cover seating.  Overall, the occupancy has to be at least 100 people (I have no clue how to gauge this).  The inside offers great views of the brews being made, and the bartenders are very knowledgeable and eager to help.

The outside is dog friendly, and they frequently have food trucks to satisfy those post libation munchies.

As wonderful place to celebrate birthdays, bring out of town guests, or just pick up a growler of a local brew, Grist house is a MUST VISIT.  Seriously, this is some hip west coast brewhouse shit we are lucky to have here in Pittsburgh. 

Don't be like me and wait 2 years to check it out - get going!

Located here

They also do cool events.... like a "Moo and Brew" beer/cheese tasting tonight that I am so upset I cant get tickets for! 

Happy house 5-7, $1 off beers. 

More information on their website



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