Super Secret Book Club Book Review

So, the question on top of everyone's minds - WHAT IS GOING ON WITH MY BOOK CLUB?

Don't worry folks! You'll sleep easy tonight. I have a book club update for you.

The most recent book in my Travel Book Club was Eat Pray Love....

...for May.... yes the May that was 3 months ago. 

So why did it take me till now to post about it? Hmmm because it took me 2.5 months to read it. I don't know what is wrong with me. It is a pretty simple, straight forward book... and yet..... 

Anyways, I finally finished, and I am plotting how to resurrect this book club and adjust it to a way where I have a fighting chance of sticking to any sort of a schedule or plan.

Until then, enjoy this review of Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert... which I LOVED, and think EVERYONE SHOULD READ.

(yep, I am that white girl gushing about how Eat Pray Love changed my life)