Black Radish, Driftwood Oven, and East End Brewing Pizza Party.... Part 2 Coming Soon!

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I don't like posting about events that have already happend. I don't get the point. "Hey, this happened, you missed it, better luck next time."

However, I am making an exception because the AWESOME event that I went to this Monday is having a part II later this month, so this post is more than just a humble brag.  

Black Radish Kitchen, the new catering company from Pittsburgh legend and former e2 chef, Kate Romane, opened the doors to their kitchen on Monday for an adult pizza party with Driftwood Oven and East End Brewing

I've eaten a lot of food in my day but there ain't nothing like @eastendbrewing + @blackradishpgh + @driftwoodoven

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Black Radish handled veggies and salads, (including some roasted garden carrots, kickaas farro, and spicy cauliflower). Driftwood served round after round of square cut focaccia crust pizza. Finally, East End Brewing covered the drinks - and these heroes even went back to their warehouse for a third keg after the first two were kicked (what champs.... and damn, Pittsburgh likes to drink). 

The space was unique - I mean what do you expect of an industrial kitchen party? The building is kinda the VIP food spot in the city with offices for Millie's and Adam Milliron also in the building... I was just happy they let me in (even tho I did pay $25 to be there).

Finally, how can I not mention the best part? The people! Just like a restaurant on opening weekend, no one was there by accident.  Everyone knew someone, or was a foodie, or generally was just really friendly - especially the food proprietors. 

We drank, we played pingpong, we danced (3 kegs, okay?), and of course, we ate! 

Part 2 is set to happen on Monday, April 24th. Keep your eyes out for more info and link tickets.

Special thanks to my gal pal Jackline for the invite!