The Best Place to See Lake Como is From Above

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When you're sitting on the shores of lake como, sipping a glass of wine and twirling noodles around you fork, it's easy to understand why this area is considered one of the most beautiful places on earth. 

However, as is common with beautiful Italian villages.... there isn't much to do other than eat, drink, and look at the beauty. 

The parts of the town that travelers typically visit are touristy. And expensive. And crowded.

To truly appreciate the region, one must get out of town... literally.


There is a marvelous hike just north of Menaggio (a town on Lake Como) that provides a perfect escape. 

The Rifugio Menaggio hike takes traveler 1400m up the Monte Grona to a mountain shelter overlooking Lake Como. The hike is not for the meek, but it has plenty of water and places to stop and marvel at the view.

The panorama views alternate from stunning lake to Scottish-eque countryside (don't ask). 


I haven't even mention the best part! Once you make summit at the mountain hut... there is a restaurant! Serving pasta! And cheese! And wine!

You can't imagine the surprise on our faces when we stumble up to the hut, weak from the hike... and see other hikers eating a salumi platter and drinking wine?

Needless to say, we peaked on this hike. 

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The Rifugio Menaggio was one of the highlights of our time on Lake Como and it is a must-visit for anyone visiting Menaggio.

Getting there: Take the c13 bus to the trailhead. This guide provides more detailed info on the trail. Make sure the hut is open for the season before you arrive expecting pasta. 

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