A Complete Day-by-day Guide for Budgeting a Backpacking Trip

The biggest annoyance of my trip is not sharing a bedroom with 5-10 strangers every night, or even brushing my teeth with bottled water.  

It is not the fact that toilet paper isn't a thing, or that I can't walk down the street without being followed by trinket vendors. 

It's not even the fact that I got pen ink on my sheets and my hostel charged me $10 to replace them (more than the cost to stay there).

It is the fact that everyone thinks that my parents are funding this trip.  From longtime friends to new ones I meet on the road, everyone gives me a knowing look in regards to the help they believe I am receiving to be here. 

I get it. I am 23. I just graduated college (kinda). How on earth could I ever afford such an extravagant and extended trip?

It is simple: I saved my money and I set a budget for how to afford traveling in Southeast Asia.

hanoi, vietnam - m.quigley

hanoi, vietnam - m.quigley

Budgeting is the key to the entire trip, but it is also the part people most commonly over look.  

Even if you're given a lump sum for money for a trip, how do you turn that into seeing the world? How do you make it last?  How do you use it to reach your goals?

You must set a budget for your trip!

taipei, taiwan - m.quigley

taipei, taiwan - m.quigley

I set a goal for myself when I planned this trip: travel for 2 months in Southeast Asia and spend $2600 on the entire trip, not counting airfare.

The same budgeting principles apply no matter how much money you have. 

I have written posts on how to set a budget and shared tips on how to stick to it.

In the full spirit of "if I can do it, you can too," I present my complete backpacking budget, out in the open for you to watch and learn as I make it happen. 

Complete day by day budget. 

Sometimes I will go over, sometimes I will go under (that is called evening out). 

I truly hope this helps you find a way to make your dream trip happen!

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