That VIP "Anthony Bourdain in Pittsburgh" BBQ You Weren't Invited to

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As you probably heard (because it would have been impossible to miss), Anthony Bourdain was in Pittsburgh last week. People were pretty over the top about trying to catch him out, and everyone and their brother was spilling "tips" on what spots he might be exploring.

This was all pretty funny because I think Anthony Bourdain is the last "celebrity" I would want to approach in the street. It seems likely that he would (kindly) tell you to fuck off. Don't get me wrong, I love the guy... but I don't think he wants to take a selfie with me. 

I'm saying all this and I write about food for a sudo-livingI can't fathom why other people wanted to track him down so. badly. 

HOWEVER, there was one event that would have been pretty dope to be a part of:

The VIP Pittsburgh Food Scene BBQ ft. Special Guest, Anthony Bourdain

Only now, the who's who of the Pittsburgh food scene are spilling the dirt about the special BBQ that Justin Severino of Cure threw for Bourdain.  Around 20-25 notable peeps in the Pittsburgh food scene were present.  NOW THIS is the type of place you would want to catch Bourdain.  

Life goals: get invited to one of these, I guess. Looks like a fun time! Thanks for sharing the pics, guys!


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If you really want to hear more about this party, you should read Scott from EEBC's blog post on it, because he was actually there (I, as we all know, was not invited).

Oh, and even Philly was writing about Bourdain's trip. Lol. 

If I see anymore pics from the BBQ over the next few days, I'll throw them up in here. Until then,✌.

Update 6/18/18:

Anthony hung out with the Bitter Ends Garden Project, run by Becca Hegarty - former chef de cuisine at Cafe Carnegie, and James Beard Award nominee. So cool! 

PS: Had brunch at the Cafe Carnegie today... perhaps my favorite brunch in Pittsburgh (my family was split 50/50, Carnegie/Ace Hotel for best brunch in the city) 

Tony was so impressed with our third succession of chervil he said he wanted to live in our pallet shed forever. @anthonybourdain

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UPDATE 7/9/16: THAT ^ isn't real

Update: 6/21/17

Anthony hanging out with the Spoon crew at Jozsa Corner Hungarian in Hazelwood.