50 Hobbies Other Than Trolling People on the Internet

I just don't get internet trolls. 


We only get 24 precious hours each day, and even less awake hours.... and you're going to spend your time being mean to someone you don't know online?!?!?

HONESTLY, where do you find this extra time to bully someone? No really - let me know. I would love to have the copious free time you clearly have. 

I'm giving all the trolls out there - who clearly lack imagination - some ideas of things to do instead of bullying strangers on the internet. 

Feel free to post this as a response to any troll you find online - maybe they'll get the message.


1: Volunteering

2: Meditation 

3: Reading

4: Painting

5: Cooking

6: Needlepoint 

7: Craft beer 

8: Paint your nails

9: Go on a walk

10: Bake brownies  

11: Yoga

12: Model airplanes

13: iPad Games

14: Literally anything else

15: Calligraphy

16: Find a new Youtuber to follow

17: Game of Thrones books

18: Game of Thrones TV Shows

19: Collect records

20: Collect stamps

21: Fishing 

22: Read the news

23: Read an interesting magazine

24: When is the last time you gave your kitchen a really deep clean?

25: Build something

26: Join a book club

27: Learn to juggle 

28: Learn acrobatics 

29: See a play

30: Learn a new card game

31: Learn to play the harmonica

32: Watch The Fast and the Furious

33: Watch 2 Fast 2 Furious

34: Watch The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift 

35: Watch Fast & Furious 

36: Watch Fast Five 

37: Watch Fast & Furious 6 

38: Watch Furious 7 

39: Watch The Fate of the Furious 

40: Plan a short road trip

41: Bake a seasonal pie

42: Call a relative

43: Wash your car

45: Wash your neighbor's car

46: Solo dance party!!!💃💃💃💃💃

47: Origami

48: Write a letter to a friend

49: Sew up any holes in your clothing


Giving haters a list of hobbies is something I discussed on the podcast Frydays in PGH, which I was on last week! Part I came out last Friday, and Part II comes out this Friday! 

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