An ode to my favorite meal in Pittsburgh.....


Pizza is my favorite food. Pizza is a part of me. 

Naturally, I eat a lot of pizza in Pittsburgh.  Normally, I am not picky - any pizza is a beautiful pizza.  I just want it fast, and it should probably also be greasy.  

I prefer Mineos or Spak, but honestly anything will do. 

However, sometimes, I want my pizza to look like the type of pizza the Queen of England eats.

In those situations, I go to Dinette.


I had my sweet 16 birthday dinner at Dinette.... aka I have been going there for a while.  Every time - and I mean EVERY time - I am transported by this pizza.

I usually eat the entire thing, but sometimes I restrain because cold Dinette pizza for breakfast is also a holy experience. 

Prepare your stomach because you're going to eat an entire pizza AND this shisito pepper appetizer. 


Pizza, you show that there is still good in the messed up world.

Thank you. 

Dinette is located here