Lonely Planet feature and trip extension!

Hey fam.

This isn't me getting on a soapbox about tourism or telling yall where to buy cheap street food in Vietnam.  This is just a bit of house keeping information..... 

1: Lonely Planet Blog Feature

I am so happy to announce that this little 'ol blog here (the Gal-ivanter) was featured on Lonely Planet's Pathfinders "Best in Travel 2017" blog round up.   I just recently started getting involved with Lonely Planet Pathfinders, and I am super grateful and excited about the feature!

Be sure to check out the post, and the other features! 

Link here.

2: Trip Extension

I am no longer coming home 12/02/16... Instead, I should arrive back in Pittsburgh on the 17th or 18th of December.  I am similarly grateful and excited about these extra weeks.  I was so stressed about skipping places and running out of time that my parents actually suggested extending my trip. Thanks guys!  This extra time will make a huge difference! 

Because of this, my entire budget has been screwed up.... I had a feeling this extension was coming, so I haven't been totaling money or subtracting days for a few weeks now. Now that the change is official, I just reorganized the budget page. Go check it out! 



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