Things I am loving the week of 11/20/16

It's my blog and I'll talk about things other than travel if I want to.....

Let me hit you with a fact: people love lists.

It doesn't matter what the list is about.  It doesn't even matter if the list is good. People just love reading lists. 

Making lists is pretty great too.  I make lists so often, it actually makes me less productive than I could be.  To kill two birds with one stone, I am going to use my list making habits for posts on this blog.

I also then get an outlet to share some cool things I have been enjoying this week:




I listen to a lot of podcasts when I travel. It is the best way to pass time... no matter where you are or what you are doing.  Laying in bed? Podcast. Walking through a temple? Podcast. Sitting on a bus? Podcast.

The thing is, my taste in podcasts is rather... heavy.  Murder. Crime. Politics. 

Sometimes it gets to me, and I need to listen to something a bit more lighthearted.  This is where the podcast "If I Were You" from comedy duo Jake and Amir comes in. They have been recording the show for 2 years, so there is a massive catalogue of episodes to listen to.

Whenever I listen to too many crime podcasts, and am unable to trust anyone I speak to, I switch to "If I Were You" and laugh.  Seriously.  I have loled at every single episode.  Jake and Amir are just.... Jake and Amir. But the real Jake and Amir, so it is better. 


It is important to give credit when credit is due - all of the awesome new graphics around the blog? Canva!  

I have no clue how I found this awesome site, but this a free service that I would happily pay for. In fact, I may go find a place where I can pay for this service, because it is worth money. 

Basically...... it is a easy to use online interface for making awesome graphics and headings.   They have a ton of template ideas, so you don't even need to think to make to make an awesome graphic for a post. It takes a quarter of the time to make something on Canva as it does to open up photoshop and come up with an idea.


This is the ultimate type of blog to find.  A country specific blog written by an ex-pat living in the country. An even in this category, the Vietnam Coracle is exemplary.  It has guides for every city in Vietnam, with hidden finds and top things to do.  If you are in Vietnam, here you go... this is your guide.


I visited Da Nang for one reason - I had to go to the hospital.  Though it wasn't a relaxing outing, I still managed to be impressed with Da Nang in my brief time there.  

Da Nang is less than 30 kilometers from Hoi An.  Even though everyone makes it to Hoi An, few people pull themselves away from the bars or the beach long enough to make it to Da Nang.

What De Nang lacks in obvious beauty, it makes up for in authenticity.  It is the best city for people watching.  However, it does also have beautiful beaches, great restaurants, and cool museums.  If you are looking for something a bit less touristed, Da Nang is 30 mins from Hoi An.  If you can drive a motorbike, it is a very simple day trip... you may stay longer than you planned.   

This is a good blog post on things to do in Da Nang:

Here are some restaurants to check out in Da Nang: 
Am on  33D Ly Thai To Street (Vegetarian) 
Dầu Việt Restaurant on 07 Thai Phien Street

^These are courtesy of the Neville and Colleen from the Original Taste of Hoi An food tour.  Neville and Colleen, who run the tour, are very knowledgeable and kind.  Foodies visiting Hoi An should be sure to reserve a spot on this tour! 


This list of pictures gave me serious wanderlust and I am in the middle of traveling.

Come back next week to see if I have made another list, or just another failed series! Entertaining either way! 

Until then read some.....

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