25 Essential Toiletries You Need to Bring on Your Backpacking Trip

The hardest part of packing is always toiletries.  No matter the trip length, toiletries always slow me down. I'll think, "Oh, great! I'm almost done packing... I only have shampoo and stuff left. That shouldn't take too long."

Oh, boy am I wrong.  

Imagine trying to pack toiletries for 2 months into one carry-on backpack....Good news - you don't have to!  I did it for you.




backpacking toiletries

Essential items:

-Bobby pins
-Big Deodorant
(not gel)
-Hair ties
-Glasses Lens Wipes
-Lens Cloth
-Make up remover Wipe

-Bug spray
-3 (good) Razors
-Hand cream
-Nail Clippers

-Face wash WITH makeup remover (My favorite is Neutrogena Naturals with Makeup Remover)
-Face wash
-Moisturizer (I always use Clinique Ultra Moisturizing Face Gel )
-Hand cream (This is an absolute necessity for me.)
-2.5 oz of Castile Soap: Every travel blogger there ever was raves about Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap (for a good reason).  Shampoo, body wash, detergent…. soap does it all.  Because you dispense it one drop at a time, a 2.5 oz bottle will easily last 2 months. 
-Eye drops (I have very dry eyes and must use drops every day.  Perfect for refreshing eyes after not getting much sleep. I use Refresh Artificial Tears.)
-Toothpaste: You can buy a new one in the country when it gets empty. They sell toothpaste everywhere. 
-Face Sunscreen: A more gentle formula for the face. 
-Dry Shampoo
-Wet/Dry hair product ( This is that spray smooths and softens hair at any point. I use Naturaltech Hair Replumper)


makeup for backpacking

Brown Urban Decay Eyeshadow
-Urban Decay eyeshadows are easy to wear light or dark and blend very well.  Brown is very versatile. 
Duel eyeshadow brush
-dense side and fluffy side
Tiny Concealer
- ask sephora for some samples

Eye Shadow Primer
this is a great way to make a darker eyeshadow look. 
BB Cream
Brozer/HIghlighter duo
Tiny fluffy brush
Highlighter cream stick

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